College of Radiologic Technology

Mission and Vision

  • To become the center for development for Radiologic Technology Education in the Philippines.
  • To develop the global competitiveness of the Radiologic Profession and be able to contribute to the total development of the country.
  • To provide quality education through the application of the “STATE-OF-THE-ART” scientific radiological techniques.

Course Desciption

  • A 4-year course
  • 3 years didactic / classroom discussion
  • 10 ½ months Clinical Education (Internship Program) in prestigious hospitals in Metro Manila

Employment Opportunities

  • General Radiography  –  Performing all aspects of diagnostic radiography
  • Mammographer  –  Specialized modality that helps in the detection of early cancer in female breast
  • Ultrasonographer  –  Performing ultrasound procedures with less exposure to the patient as it uses only high frequency sound without ionizing radiation
  • PET Scan Technologist  –  A very advanced radiation work that can provide better diagnosis of almost all diseases
  • Gamma Knife Surgery  –  R.T. can assist the Medical Doctor perform surgery without blades, it uses only Gamma Radiation
  • Lithotripsy Tech.  –  Without surgery, stones in the urinary system can be removed by applying shock waves to destroy those stones
  • Angiography Tech.  –  As an R.T. Graduate, you can provide assistance to the Medical Specialist in the diagnosis of advance of the cardiovascular disease.