How do I register and enroll?

As a rule, your registration in the College indicates your complete willingness to follow all the rules and regulations of the College. Registration is the first step in enrolling and consists of selecting the subject you want to take. The following are the general guidelines on registration and enrollment.

I. Announcements

Announcements with regard to registration and enrollment are posted on the bulletin boards. Please make sure that you read the contents of the bulletin boards regularly.

II. Enlistment

Obtain an enlistment form (Please read the bulletin board as to where you can get such form). List down the corresponding subjects that you will take for the specific semester in the enlistment form. Fill up the personal info sheet at the back of the enlistment form (important). Proceed  to advising window.

III. Advising

The adviser (window #1) will assess the previous grades of the student to determine if the student can take all subjects listed on the enlistment form (he/she should present his/her grades to the enrollment adviser). If approved then student will proceed to the registrar window. If not, student will be advised to enroll only in the subjects that he can take. If he failed a prerequisite subject then he will not be allowed to take the next subject stated in the curriculum.

IV. Registration

The registrar (window #2) will enlist all subjects that are found in the enlistment form. Registrar will keep the enlistment form. Registrar will print registration certificate/assessment form. Give the registration certificate/assessment form to the student. Student will proceed to the accounting window.

V. Accounting

The cashier (window #3) will check the exact amount to be paid. The student should pay the amount indicated in the registration certificate/assessment form. Provisional receipt will be issued.

A student is officially enrolled once he/she registers and pays his/her tuition and other fees according to the selected mode of payment. A student cannot be present at any class unless he is officially enrolled in the said class. Credits will not be given, even if the final examination is taken.