To fulfill a life-long dream of a great man, the late Dr. Victor R. Potenciano, a College was established in his honor.

The College was named Our Lady of Guadalupe Colleges.  Like the Filipino nation, our new college seeks inspiration and help from God and our Blessed Mother Mary.  Since Pope Pius XI in 1935 declared that the Virgin Mary, under Her title of Guadalupe be the Principal Heavenly Patroness of the Philippines, it is but fitting that this school which will produce professionals for the service of mankind was dedicated and named after the Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The programs offered are designed to impart to every student not only basic knowledge and skills but also the values and attributes for competent professional practice and to uplift the industry that they serve.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Colleges (OLGC) has for its philosophy:

“The person is a unique and rational being, a Divine creation gifted with intelligence, compassion, moral integrity and sound judgment. He/she is an agent of change who uses intellectual honesty, moral responsibility, socio-civic consciousness and Christian values as he/she continuously interact with his/her environment”.

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Colleges subscribes to the belief that education prepares the individual to be a multi-faceted person whose personal and professional competence should be his/her tool for life-long learning and in effecting change in the community.

We envision our graduates to be personally and professionally competent.  They will also possess the following competencies: effective communication skills, critical and analytical skills, and respond to the national and global needs.

Toward this end, the school will provide a foundation in bio-physical and behavioral humanistic sciences as well as in professional skills and techniques.