What is your policy on Transferees?

Transferees may be admitted to the College upon satisfying all the requirements prescribed for such student applicants.

1.  Classification

  • Transferees without credits refer to applicants who have attended a Higher Education Institution (HEI) but waive all subjects previously taken from other HEI’s.  However, upon discretion of the Dean, P.E. and NSTP subjects may be credited.
  • Transferees with credits refer to applicants who have attended HEI. Subjects previously taken may be credited but should not exceed 24 units.

2.  Procedures and Guidelines

  • The Registrar
  1. Holds an initial interview with the applicant to determine his/her suitability for acceptance.
  2. Evaluates academic records as to:  no failure in required subjects for curricular program in OLGC; weighted average; number of units previously taken.
  3. Checks the subject descriptions of subjects previously taken.
  4. Recommends the applicant to take the qualifying examination.
  • The Dean
  1. Evaluates the academic records to determine which subjects are to be credited. Credited subjects should not exceed 24 units. Major professional subjects are not to be credited.
  2. Interviews the applicant having the results of the entrance exam as reference.
  3. Recommends the student to undergo medical/dental exam c/o VRPMC.
  • The Applicant
  1. Presents certificate of transfer credential and academic records to the Registrar in duplicate copies.
  2. Takes the qualifying examination, as recommended by the Registrar, after payment of the necessary fee to the cashier.
  3. Follows the current curriculum for the program he/she is applying for in case he/she qualifies for admission.